Data loss is really so devastating especially to the company’s performance, particularly when the information is needed on the day-to-day operations.

As part of operations and quality control, companies invest on high and quality storage media and backup. It is important to have a backup to make sure that all the systems and operations will be back on track as soon as possible.

Should we call it bad luck or we might want to consider this as negligence when our precious data and information are inaccessible. There are common reasons why data loss happened and we need to acknowledge them to know the right action to take if in case it happened.

  • Hardware Failure

Hard drive disk (HDD) is one of the most common reasons of data loss. Hardware crash causes data loss and problems for most individuals.

  1. Human Error

It’s no surprise that human error is a common reason of data loss. Even the skilled and experienced computer-user makes mistakes.

Human error occurs from spilling drinks to the devices such as desktop and laptop to transferring files to incorrect place, and sometimes accidentally deleting the data files.

Many companies claimed that due to data loss and corruption, their business simply had to experience business system failures and mission-critical services.

  • Natural Disasters

Areas where you are located vary, if you know that your place is prone to natural disasters, best if you prepare backup for your files.

Floods, storms, hurricanes, we’ll never know when these natural disasters would come up, so it’s just best that you are always prepared and make sure that the companies data remains out of harm.

  • Theft and Loss

It is uncommon for any company to have information loss or theft. But this issue is really happening. For companies who operate greatly, there are some people that wants to steal the plans to apply to themselves and use for personal purposes and take advantages of it.

To avoid future problems like this, you can hire data protection professionals to create security measures for your files and information.

  1. Viruses and Hackers

Despite the best efforts of companies to store data safely, still many fall victims to hackers, malware and viruses that can sabotage and corrupt the important and confidential files.

Hackers are becoming advanced so companies and firms must keep up with the technology. IT security software and protocols should also be an investment.

  • Software Failure

Software failure is hard to fight against or prevent. Individuals and companies will need back up and continuity plan that is accessible in the event of loss.

Common causes of data loss can be or cannot be prevented. You can do preventive measures and protocols to avoid further damage or loss. In case you have experienced data and information loss, you can call Newfoundland Data Recovery for professional data recovery services tailored for your needs. We can fix any data loss due to various causes and for any device. We have the skills and experience to excellently deliver world-class service for you.

Give us a call and let’s recover your files right away!

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